Civil Litigation

The Department of Civil Litigation

The Civil Litigation and Public Law Department is a Core-department of The Ministry that has been operative since the inception of the Ministry of Justice. The Department by its schedule is positioned as an image maker of the Ministry, as officers of the department are often in the courts regularly, on behalf of the Attorney-General of the State.


The Civil Litigation and Public Law Department Mission statement is “To ensure fair and equitable dispensation of Justice.” (Through diligent, defense of all its cases).


The vision of the Department is to render professional quality Service through effective and efficient representation of all stakeholders’ interest in the dispensation of justice. 

Service Provision

Provision of legal representation for the Government in all civil matters involving the State and its Agencies pending before court of Law, Tribunal Arbitration etc.

  1. Rendering legal opinions on actions and policy matters of government Ministries, Department and Agencies.
  2. Initiation of actions to assert public rights and interests.
  3. The representation of government and its agencies in actions of breach of contract, enforcement of fundamental rights, master and servant, relationship, cancellation of oil prospecting licenses; property matters, Taxation matters, enforcement of judgments etc.
  4. The provision of legal advice to all Government and parastatals.
  5. Liaising with all legal units of MDAs in the handling of civil matters affecting the Government.
  6. The Department also promotes strict adherence to the principles of the rule of Law which is one of the cardinal objectives of the present Administration.
  7. The Department also serve as the secretariat of the international committee of judgment debt verification.