Finance And Accounts Department

Finance And Accounts Department

Account Department is responsible for collection, custody and disbursement of all public funds of the Ministry. It also renders relevant returns to the appropriate authorities

To efficiently, professionally and effectively discharge the duties of preparing a realizable budget, monitor projects, collect revenues, effective custody of all assets and liabilities of the Ministry as well as accounting for all funds released to the Ministry.

The vision of this department is to render quality and timely services to both Internal and external persons who may have dealing with the Ministry; and render timely returns of such transactions.


  1. Keeping of adequate record and updating the books of Accounts.
  2. Overseeing the Operations of Finances such as preparation of all payment vouchers.
  3. Conveyance fund approval from the Governor to A.G office
  4. Timely preparation of salaries and promotion variation before sending to Accountant General’s office for IPPIS payment.
  5. Prompt payment of Ministry’s obligations.
  6. Prompt payment of all staff entitlements
  7. Timely rendition of relevant returns to appropriate Authorities
  8. Timely remittance of revenues collected on behalf of other Organizations e.g. W.H.T.; PAYEE, VAT. Etc.
  9. Quick response to correspondence from other agencies of the government e.g. Office of the Auditor-General of the State (OAGS)
  10. Prepares realizable budget estimates
  11. Carries out effective budget monitoring.
  12. Any other issue that is incidental to the running of the office