Gov. Almakura meets with Old IMC Chairmen and New Elected Chairmen

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura has restated his desire to ensure an inclusive, open , democratic Government is run in Nasarawa State.

Gov. Almakura disclosed this during a historic meeting with the newly Elected Chairmen and Out Gone IMC Chairmen and to avoid setting the pace for confusion.

Speaking during his prelude to the meeting the Governor stated that the meeting was based on the need for a better state and a better image , where working with the maturity and mutual cohesion which has always worked well, for the state by providing an interface that would provide a framework that would enable the new and the old work together for the good of the people, LGA and State .

Enabling those that know the terrain well to guide and advice the newcomers urging them to be friends and partners in development.

we wish them well and thank them for what they have done for the state.