Law Reforms

Law Reform and Public Defender

The department is headed by the Director of Law Reform and Public Defender and is saddled with responsibility for, among others, advising government on the reform of the substantive and procedural laws applicable in the State by way of codification, elimination of anomalous or obsolete laws and general simplification of the law to make circumstance better in accordance with the general direction issued by the government. The Department also assists in the Ministry’s capacity building plan, budget plans and maintenance of the records of the activities of the Ministry. The Department is also the Research outlet of the Ministry. Specifically, the Department does the followings:

  1. Obtaining, collating and keeping a comprehensive list of all laws of the State.
  2. Undertaking critical examination of the various laws of the State.
  3. Preparing programmes for the examination of different branches of the laws of the State with a view to recommending reform.
  4. Preparing from time to time a comprehensive programmes of statute law revision and consolidation and undertake the preparation of draft legislation pursuant to any such programme.
  5. Recommendation to the Governor for the establishment of Law Reform committee for the State.
  6. Undertaking research into any relevant aspect of the law which may be of interest to the State.
  7. Conduct research in such area as the remote and immediate causes of perennial ethnic and communal conflicts in the State with a view to finding legal mechanism for solutions to them to facilitate peaceful co-existence amongst ethnic groups in the State.